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EPI Editor’s Note: The following post was written by the well-respected player of Beth Codet. We here at Evil Plotters Ink take no credit for any of the following content.  We’ve added this information to our archive because we at Evil Plotters Ink agree with the information and believe it is relevant even today.

Advanced Player Apathy

– Originally posted 3/13/2002 on AOL’s Players Assisting Players by Beth Codet Player in the “Victims” Thread.

APA, as it shall hence be known, has four distinct elements.

  1. Jaded Players
  2. Cooperation
  3. Character Integrity
  4. Rationalization

Advanced players have seen just about everything. Not only are they no longer surprised at the bleeding/crying stranger as an attention getting device, they find it so trite as to be laughable.

Advanced players are usually very cooperative. They’re reluctant to sweep in IC and possibly interfere where they are not wanted. That means they’re not likely to save your character, nor will they confront your bad guy.

Advanced players have learned, usually the hard way, that their character’s integrity depends not only on how they play it, but also on how others react to it. It’s no fun to spend hour upon hour carefully crafting some really frightening character only to have some dweeb playing an unattended six-year-old kick him in the shins, fold her wittle arms and pout prettily about how mean he is, while he does nothing about it.

A cooperative player isn’t going to just squash the kid IC, because it’s not his character. Even the less cooperative avoid the situation, because CuteKiddie is likely to be drawing smiley faces all over him before the night is done, which will only make matters worse.

So, how does the Jaded, Cooperative Player who is concerned with Character Integrity handle these situations? With a Rationalization. He comes up with a reason why his hero doesn’t try to free the slaves. He comes up with a reason why his healer doesn’t help the bleeding stranger. He comes up with a reason why his bad guy avoids what should be an easy kill of an annoying gnat.

The intolerance of intolerance is just another manifestation of the Rationalization portion of APA. The group as a whole needs a reason why they don’t pounce the Evil Character, so they adopt a “live and let live” philosophy. If anyone questions that philosophy, either directly or indirectly, that character is shown that just because “most” Orcs are bad, it doesn’t mean they all are, and each should be judged individually.

Yep, it’s APA derived Political Correctness. 🙂 Where’s Bill Mahr when you really need him?


Written by the Player of Beth Codet