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Blending/Blurring is crossing the IC line!

Most terms on this site are OOC, meant for the players, not for the characters. Using the terms during an IC exchange is blurring/blending; it’s crossing the IC line into the vast unknown OOC, a place where most of our characters never venture and shouldn’t.

So what’s the answer to the big question? That question being: how to avoid blurring?

Think before you spew!

If something relates to an OOC situation, example: in-room events, then it is likely something that should NOT be referred to in an IC situation.

Any reference to the players, the game, the mechanics of either the game or the site, addresses the PLAYERS, not the characters and is considered OOC. Out-of-character interaction should be taken to IM’s, email or private rooms. It should not invade IC interactions. Remember to Support the Illusion; stay IC.

Please keep in mind that there are many players who prefer to retain the ambiance of the game when interacting IC. By staying IC in the room we are respecting the shared illusion everyone is attempting to create.  In most of the Free Form areas, in-room OOC is a actionable offense, this includes Dragon’s Mark. But when the OOC is buried in an IC remark there is another jury the player faces. Terms of Service may not affect the player, but other players will judge them. Referring to OOC issues IC does not gain you favor or provide amusement. It tends to imply that the player does not recognize the difference between IC and OOC.

OOC can be a grand tool for story line creation and advancement, we at Evil Plotters encourage the players to talk OOC about the direction they want their part of the story to work towards. We discourage the use of OOC terms, knowledge, and reference during IC interaction.

Common Examples of Blurring:

Blurring: How to Avoid:
::Swats at an IMsect.:: ::Briefly distracted by an insistent thought.:: I’m sorry? What did you say?
::Slaughters the typodemon.:: ::Stumbling over the words.:: I meant <insert correction here>
::Mun is tired.:: Muns/Players should not be referred to IC. Save it for IMs instead.
I have the logs. I have the events documented. or: I have an image orb of the events.