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Calling Consequences is considered “powergaming“. During shared interaction do not state what your character does to another, make it an attempt. You do not have the right to call hits on another character. Dice can’t save you if the player doesn’t consent.

In freeform situations: you do have the right to force a confrontation, but the outcome will have to be determined by the players of the characters involved, not through “demand” or by declared actions. Ask, before you take that step; make sure it’s ok. If it’s not, then compromise with the other player so that both characters’ get something out of the interaction.

Please be moderately realistic. If you should encounter a fight then do not assign damage that would be calling consequences on another character, which isn’t your right.



::Missy Mum lands a mighty blow upon Harry’s neck, severing his head cleanly from his body::
Harry has no chance to defend himself.


::Missy Mum aims her sword blade at Harry’s neck, intent on severing his head from his shoulders with her swing.::
Harry now has a chance to block, dodge, take a lesser injury, or even allow the hit.

Please keep in mind that if you play your character as invincible and never take any hits? Few will allow you any hits on their characters. When in a fight please accept hits once in a while in will go a long way in encouraging interactions with others.  Always remember — You control what damage happens to your character!  So even if you take a hit, you can choose how your character takes it and what the consequences for taking it are.