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This storyline has been officially Archived.  

Due to lack of time and energy — the EPI Team has decided to shelf this SL until further notice.  Apologies, folks, but we’ve got better stories to focus on right now.


Consortium of Pure Essence aka COPE

The Consortium of Pure Essence is a shady group that is rumored to have discovered immortality.  The COPE hails from an alternate dimension of Earth and has only just begun to show up on the radars of the powerful and god-like as a potential threat.  Early reports suggest that the culture seemed frozen in a Victorian-like era but with advanced technology that could rival modern day, (21st Century Earth).

Intelligence suggests that The Consortium is controlled by an oligarchy.  Few know the names or faces of the most powerful amidst them.

Reports indicate the majority of population is enslaved and their world is on the precipice of utter ruin.  The causes behind their dire situation are as yet unknown.  Their claim to immortality has yet to be substantiated.