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What was in the Safe?

(The following is IC but known to only a handful of people, although Darrien Fenner did publish an article information provided below.)

The following is a list of what was found in the safe and released to Darien Fenner at the RhyDin Post.  To be totally clear, Dewey and Cheatham have nothing to do with any of the information found in the safe.  They did not earn any money or profit in any way.  All the documents are Howe’s personally there is nothing to even remotely infer that either of the other two are involved.  For more information please check out the WaOF information below.  If your character is seeking this information, and you haven’t already worked out a way to get their hands on it, let us know so we can help!

What was in the safe:

  1. One large, black leather-bound ledger: Within is a list of names, ages, and occasional checks under the category listed only as “V”. In the final column are what looks like prices. They range from 5,000, (ones that do not have a check mark in the “V” column) up to 100,000.  It is unclear what monetary system is being used, if any at all.  (More info available upon request… for the right questions…)
  2. A large folding file w/tie: It is full of contracts, (295 to be exact) for Indentured Servitude, each nearly a mimic of the other except for the signatures’ at the bottom. It is a standard five year contract at the end of which they are promised to be amply rewarded with 24,000 in Rhy’Din coin. The contracts look legitimate. All the way at the very end, not quite buried, but oh-so-easy-to-overlook is a one page standard contract for souls. The contract implies a “purity level” of souls with a rating of 1-3. Unfortunately there is no explanation of the ratings. This appears to be a copy that hasn’t been filled out yet.
  3. An Accounting Book: At first glance it appears to be a listing of numbers. Numbers where the names should be and numbers that may represent accounts. Numbers that might represent quantity with the steady stream of numbers ranging from 1-30 among the shared listings (familiar to the numbers of women and children listed in the WaOF books should the WaOF be investigated). At the end of each line are more numbers they appear to be a balance. The thing that would be most striking is one small word over the column that may be quantity on the first page only: Souls.  There are five distinct, reoccurring numbers, but no clue as to who or what is behind them.  One number stands out. It seems they had received the highest amount of souls and they were paying a much inflated price if those final columns were indeed balances.

The Widows and Orphans Fund

((Founded in December of 2007.))  All funds have always come from the collective Partnership of DCH with an occasional “thanks-for-all-your-help” donations from former members.  The reason behind the creation of the WaOF was rather simple:  Dewey wanted the perfect tax deduction and it made the firm look good… at least on paper.

The public has no idea who was behind the Widows and Orphans Fund, there was no press, no grandstanding.  DCH, in particular the most Senior of the Partners, Mister Dewey demanded that it be this way.  Dewey knew that would impress even the hardest of IRS hearts.  “Look, see, we throw millions at this and take no credit!” With a little investigation it will be easy to determine that so far he’s been right on target.

The WaOF is located in a small building located in the Marketplace.  Any woman and child of Rhy’Din can become a member, they simply have to prove their need.  Members receive a healthy weekly stipend, until they no longer need the help (i.e. find work).  The staff at the Widows and Orphans Fund does their best to find gainful (i.e. legal, ethical) employment for those capable and over the age of 16 years.  The staff is well  known for sending the homeless to halfway houses and community centers in their familiar neighborhoods. For each member the other community centers help, a donation is made from the WaOF under said member’s name as compensation.

Upon investigation, no one in the staff or management of the Widows and Orphans Fund know anything about what Howe has been up to.  But they can provide records dating back to their origins.  An astute eye, would notice that about ten months back there seemed to be a swell in women and children getting “out-of-realm” employment.  But the staff had nothing whatsoever to do with these placements.  Job source is referenced as “other” meaning the member found the job on their own.

Examination of the WaOF Books will show that anywhere between 25-30 women and children each month were given employment “OoR”, (out-of-realm).  If friends or neighbors of theirs are questioned they would say they had taken Indentured Servitude contracts willingly and by choice.  No one came and pulled them kicking and screaming out of their houses.  They were seemingly offered a sweet deal and took it.  The reason there was no outcry was because there was no obvious abductions.  These people didn’t go missing; they took jobs “elsewhere”.  Well… at least as far as anyone knows.



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