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In a lot of my articles I discuss issues we as free-form role players face.  If by chance someone out there reads something I’ve written and thinks “wow, she’s talking about me!”

Think again…

First… any articles posted in the FFRP Archives are years old.  Most date back to Players Assisting Players on AOL.  Many of my newer articles are based on old posts that needed clarification to stand on their own.  In other words, they are revamped topics that wouldn’t have made any sense if I had simply re-posted the originals.

I address the issues, not the players.  Many, many of the issues I am talking about have been around since the advent of FFRP.  (I’m sure if I think on it long enough I can find one or two that may be kinda sorta new… maybe?  ::puzzled frown of contemplation.::  Nope, can’t think of a single one right now…) Many of these issues have been discussed and discussed and discussed again and again over the many years we’ve all been playing.  My goal is to boil it down to the basics and offer up what I have learned through my years of experience interacting with the FFRP community.

Sure…  I am biased.  I admit it freely.  I am story-oriented, I invest heavily in my characters and I have a strong ethic when it comes to FFRP.  But… I strive to remain respectful and I work hard to nurture our FFRP community.  I listen when other players talk to me.  It is how I have learned to hone my FFRP skills into what they are today.  What I am offering up isn’t just based upon my personal opinion or “take” on these issues alone.  But rather what I have learned through communication and experience from the myriad of players I have been blessed to interact with.

So please understand…  If you think you see a bad behavior of yours reflected in something I have written, it isn’t aimed at you personally.  But… if you see something like that maybe you should consider working on it?  That’s what I did and it worked really well for me.

Come on, now?!  You didn’t think I was perfect right?  I had to learn all this crap too… but let me tell you the rewards are phenomenal!  When we work together collectively magic happens and you can’t get that magic or high anywhere else.

I took the time to listen to what the other players said.  I made note of what they liked and what they didn’t.  Yeah, sometimes I too rolled my eyes thinking “Man, how freaking detailed can y’all get??!!”  Or even the “You gotta be kidding me!  This is ridiculous?!”  I’ve been down that road…  I totally get it.

The thing is…  FFRP is all about community.  It’s an interactive sport.  We can’t do it alone.  We need each other.  Hence, listening to the other players and attempting to work with them… well?  Stop a moment and think; isn’t that what respect is all about?  And Respect is our one and only, shining-above-all-others, golden FFRP guideline.

Compromise and Negotiation are lovely FFRP tools; I keep them and Courtesy very handy.  They have served me well over the years and I know, if you choose to employ them, they will serve you just as well as they have me.

So if you see yourself in anything that I have colored as wrong or bad?  It’s not directed at anyone in particular.  My goal isn’t to call out players and humiliate them.  That is counter-intuitive to what I am trying to accomplish.  We’ve all stumbled, we’ve all made mistakes.  The goal is to give us all a firm understanding of how to work well and respectfully with one another.

We need to be considerate and understanding.  We need to be forgiving and compassionate because everyone makes a mistake now and again.  We need to be open to change and willing to allow others to have that opportunity too.  I know I changed my behaviors when I learned they were detrimental to community building.  I can’t say loud enough, or long enough, how awesome it has worked out for me!  It worked for me… it can work for you too!