Don’t know what we are talking about?  Free-Form-Role-Play !

This site caters however to a collective ideal of collaborative FFRP.  Interactive Fiction is the term we at Evil Plotters use to describe two or more writers/participants/players contributing to an overall story by combining their personal/individual stories with other writers/participants/players.

The Internet has given birth to a new literary art form: The creation of interactive fiction, the ability for more than one writer to tell a story at the same time in the same place.

Much of what this site caters to is shared interactive fiction through free form text-based role-play. Primarily this form of text-based role-play is found in chat rooms, Instant Messages Venues, Message Boards and Email all across the Internet. This is not a new phenomena, it is merely one gaining more precedence since the Internet has expanded its growth.

There are many levels to free form text-based role-play; we cater to those who wish to create collaborative interactive fiction, the telling of multiple stories at the same time and place with a multitude of other players within a free form role play environment.