The player of LdyBelial, Long Lankyn, Mister Howe and too many others to list, has been participating in the AOL FFRP venue since 1993. Founder of Evil Plotters Ink, a certified Evil Plotter since 1995.

“This wasn’t my first time rping. I began rping at CoastCon2 under the tutelage of one of the most awesome gaming masters ever, Curtis Scott, (rest in peace, old friend!) My first D&D character? I named him Dor, because he was strong and stupid and I figured he’d make a great door. Too bad being stupid can get a character killed! He was dead in the first twelve minutes of play! But I was hooked!!! My second character is still alive today! Just waaay too powerful to play… ain’t that just the way of it?!

My favorite of all table-top gaming systems is GURPS. I love it because it is oriented towards the role-play aspect of RPGing. Its really easy to develop characters in GURPS with playable advantages and disadvantages. Lovely tool for FFRP. Anything you can think up you can incorporate into GURPS, that’s how open this system is!

I have never truly quit table-top rping, but times have changed and these days getting a group together can be a mighty effort. I turned to FFRP because it married the two things I loved doing the most: role-playing and writing.

I love FFRP. I want to see it thrive. I want to see it gain the recognition it deserves in the Gaming Genre. FFRP has long been overlooked and I hope that this site and others like it help to change that perception.”

Lan’s primary posting board is located on DM RDI Forum Board at Blood House Onyx.