Free-Form Role-Play was coined by RDI Kairee in 1991 after AOL purchased Q-link.  To read the entire history (as we currently understand it to be) please visit Dragon’s Mark Real History!

FFRP isn’t so much a game or gaming system as it is cooperative interactive storytelling through text-based roleplay.  There are no rules per se, but one primary guideline:  RESPECT(No rules for FFRP, but sites that cater to FFRP may have rules and those must be adhered to if one wishes to remain a member.  Check the rules of the site before signing up and offering up your IC creations. – epi editor) Also, unlike most games, there are NO LOSERS in FFRPEveryone can win!

Each player is in complete control of their character(s) and creation(s).  There are no Game Masters, (GM’s), no Dungeon Masters, (DM’s), no Primary Storyteller or director; no one person is in control except for the individual player over their own creations.  There are no dice, and nothing random can happen unless the individual player permits it.  Of course that also means that the other players control their characters and creations completely too.  No one player’s characters, creations or storylines outweighs/dominates everyone else’s.

FFRP is a shared sport.  It is all about interactivity. We go into public chat rooms to play with one another, to interact with one another, to share our stories, or just pass time.  It is somewhat required that we work together collectively to participate collectively.  (Playing *at* others tends to get one ignored.  See Respect.)  For the most part we can safely assume that those who come into the public rooms are there to play and interact with others.  By working together, by giving one another respect, everyone can win!

FFRP is open to the Imagination!  Anything you can dream of can be created in the fair realm of Rhy’Din!  Want to be a walking, talking tree?  Want to be an Alien Robot with ray guns for eyes?  Want to be the fairytale Princess? Want to be a kick-ass space cowboy?  Anything is possible in the world where our imagination is the only boundary!


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