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Welcome to The Land of Rhydin, the center of the Multi-Verse. Within the Land of Rhydin you will find yourself on a journey among many role-players. Due to the Land being open to many, there are a few things we would ask of you, the player.

OOC/IC chat: The Land of Rhydin promotes the world of illusion and make believe.

In-Character chat (OOC) can result in a warn of room disruption if it gets out of hand.

A couple of frequently used examples of OOC chat that you might be tempted to do go as follows:

Player XXX: age/sex check!

Player XYZ: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Please refrain from using these and any other OOC forms of greetings within the room. If you wish to greet a person out of character, then we ask you do so in an Instant Message.

A more subtle form of OOC chat that can be ‘cute’ at times, but is also considered disruptive to the illusion, is references to the person at the keyboard.. aka ‘player’ or ‘mun’.
References to the mun in any form is considered out of character due to the simple idea that your character has no knowledge of you, the player.

References to IM’s can be done, but use your skills as a player not to make it an obvious OOC crossover. An example of an OOC reference to an IM..

Player XXX: ::looks at the IMpsect and slaps it::

A more acceptable manner would be:

Player XXX: ::brows furrow for a moment as his mind is invaded by a probing message::

That simple retelling lets the other player know that your character is being IM’d but doesn’t remove the illusion for any other player within the room.


Instead of making a comment in the room about “swatting a typodemon“, play off your typos as if they were stutters of a momentary lisp. Another and more favorable solution is to simply ignore the typo, 9 times out of 10, the other player will know what you meant anyway.

Finally, the bane of any role-player: disconnects.

We have all had to deal with being disconnected at times and there really is no way a person can be disconnect-proof. If this should happen to you, rather than referring to a ‘punt beast’ etc, simply log back in, IM the person you were playing with and let them know what had happened. Return to the room and simply take up play as if you had never left.

(Updated last: 04/98)