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BEFORE ENTERING THE RED DRAGON INN. Welcome to The Red Dragon Inn, the original home to free-form gaming on AOL! During your stay within the Red Dragon Inn, all member’s must abide by AOL’s Terms of Service and the People Games Chat Room Standards.

Before you enter, there are a few rules you need to be aware of.

Respect Other Players:
Free-Form role-playing is based on the ideals of cooperative gaming. When you create a character and bring them into the Red Dragon Inn, you have total control over that character and everything that happens to him or her. Only you decide what your character will or will not do, no one else. This applies to each and every other player as well.

Please do not declare actions for other characters without the permission of that character’s player.

Using Dice Commands is Not Allowed.

Out of Character Chat:
OOC chat is not permitted within the room itself. All OOC chat should be confined to Instant Messages or e-mail. The use of terms that indicate OOC forms of chat, IMsects, daggers of IGNORE or referring to the “mun,” are considered Out of Character chat and disruptive to the room.

Respect Setting:
The Red Dragon Inn is the only room within the Red Dragon Inn Forum that allows for your character to be what ever it is. Within this single room, you will find that space pirates mingle with ogre kings. The only consistent setting setting is the room description itself. Please familiarize yourself with that at this link: Red Dragon Inn: The Setting, (that’s this page ~ ed) Red Dragon Keep: The Setting, (info provided here.)

HOST PCGs : Who and what are they?
Within the room you will most likely see a member with the prefix of HOST PCG to their name. They are there to serve as innkeepers and to answer your questions. If you have any problems, please notify the host via an Instant Message or e-mail. The HOST PCG is the only person in the room that will use Out of Character chat for the expressed purpose of dealing with Terms of Service Issues.

Again, remember that you are agreeing to follow these guidelines along with AOL’s Terms of Service while you are visiting the Red Dragon Inn.

Welcome and enjoy the illusion!

Updated: 12/28/01


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