Epi-Editors Note: The following information was found in the information downloaded from the AOL Forum Area circa 2000.  The below suggests that this area may have been used by the Dueling Circles.  We have very little information on this, if you know more, please inform us!  Thank you!

The Red Dragon Inn Courtyard is an open area located on the north side of the Inn, surrounded by a rather high and strong stone wall. Those who are a bit overcome by the crowds and noise in the Inn itself favor the Courtyard. There is a door next to the kitchen that exits into the Courtyard, providing easy access for those who want a breath of fresh air. In the past, duels were fought in the courtyard, but it is now a peaceful retreat from the bustle of the Inn.

Stone benches are located along the semicircular wall, providing a place for rest and relaxation. The wall is overgrown with ivy, providing some seclusion to those who desire to sit quietly and talk, or just look up to the stars overhead.