Epi-Editors Note: The following information was found in the information downloaded from the AOL Forum Area circa 2000.  The below suggests that this area came into being around the same time as the RDI Keep, which was created after the RDI was moved from Arts and Entertainment Area to behind the Firewall.  We have very little information on this, if you know more, please inform us!  Thank you!

The Red Dragon Inn Lounge is just what the name implies. It is a smaller room located on the second floor of the Red Dragon Inn for those who have taken residence in the guest rooms above. Some of the older patrons also frequent the Lounge. The same stairs that lead to the Keep stop at a landing on the second floor for those desiring access to the Lounge.

The Lounge provides an atmosphere a bit quieter and more refined than the bustling Commons Room of the Inn. There is a small bar, similar to the bar in the Keep, for those who want just a quiet drink without all the yelling and posturing that sometimes may be found in the main room below.