Epi-Editors Note: The following information comes from the AOL Forum Area circa 2000.  The Marketplace was a once monthly kind of room.  It was generally opened by someone on the forum staff and meant as a place to buy, sell and trade IC.  Thank you!

The Marketplace is the central square of RhyDin City. It is located on the north bank of the RhyDin River, directly between the RhyDin Great Hall on the west and the Red Dragon Inn on the east. The RhyDin Archives building is just to the north of the Marketplace. The clock tower in the Marketplace is visible from almost anywhere in RhyDin.

At one time, the Marketplace was the site of a weekly open-air market and fair, where all sorts of goods were offered for sale or trade. Locally produced goods, as well as some of more dubious origin changed hands here. The Star’s End Spaceport isn’t that far from the center of the city. One enterprising young lady who ran a horse farm once sold a whole wagonload of “byproduct” due to her silver-tongued descriptions of how it was so beneficial to plants and flowers.

Since the disbanding of the Guardians of RhyDin, the area is used for any large outdoor gathering the inhabitants of RhyDin might desire to hold.