The Red Dragon Inn Keep is located on the third floor of the inn. Although the Guardians of Rhydin do maintain homes of their own, to many the Keep is their second home. The Keep is an open room, circular in formation with doors leading off it to the private quarters of the Guardians. A spiraled staircase sits within the southwest area of the room, leading to the lower floors of the Inn, as well as up to the rooftop.
Far away from the din of The Red Dragon Inn proper, citizens are free to interact with one another in a more cerebral setting. A towering stone fireplace sits on the opposite end of the staircase, of the this dimly lit room. Bookcases line the circular walls and are filled with tomes of knowledge from across the lands. Leather-backed chairs dot the floor offering a subdued respite from the boisterous activities located in The Red Dragon Inn below.

Pull up a seat and share your experiences with others citizens of Rhydin.

Updated 12/14/01