By far the tallest building on the world of Rhydin (besides the various towers and castle keeps that dot the countryside), the renowned Red Dragon Inn sits comfortably nestled in the heart of Rhydin Town.
It is three stories tall and its solid timber construction shows a level of workmanship rarely seen elsewhere in the Multiverse. The exterior is finely carved and painted with many relief’s of knights and dragons and creatures of various sorts; some common and some most uncommon.

Once inside the famed Red Dragon Inn, you see a goodly sized space filled with tables and a line of booths off on the left hand wall. The grand bar of some fine rich polished wood lines the right wall. Opposite the front door is the great fireplace, a fire always raging within which warms the Inn in its entirety.

Just beyond the bar on the right hand wall is the door that leads to the kitchen. In that far corner is the spiral staircase that leads down into the basement and wine-cellar where the duelists of Duel of Swords have carved out a dueling hall in one of the many caverns of Rhydin.

On the back wall between the spiral stairs and the hearth is the door to the “back room”. To the left of the hearth can be found the stairs leading up to the Red Dragon Inn Keep. Just underneath the staircase is the door that will transport you to Twilight Island.

The ceiling is high and crisscrossed with rafters. There are doors leaving the Inn, besides the front doors, through the kitchen and through the back room.

Though it is said that the Inn changes shape to accommodate it’s patrons, the Inn itself never seems to allow more than 48 people in the common room. No matter how many people rent a room here at the Red Dragon Inn, there always seems to be extra rooms available.

The doors to the rooms upstairs serve two purposes, one the most mundane; they simply open up to the room beyond but on other occasion, when the person opening the door truly desires to be elsewhere, they will open up onto the very same place as the desire (barring any magical interference such as wards and the like) and so are also gateways to When and Where-ever.

While it may seem a charming quaint and rustic place to quaff a ale or two, The Red Dragon Inn is far more. It is the Center of the Multiverse. All times and places meet here at the Red Dragon. It is here that a 3rd century (Earth) centurion can meet and fall in love with a cybernetic razorgirl. It is here that a cowboy can find himself in league with a paladin. One never knows what will happen at the Red Dragon Inn and only time well spent there will reveal its many secrets and lead you on paths of adventure you never thought possible.

Updated: 12/14/01