In a sector of the known galaxy located not terribly far, relativistically speaking, from the galactic core is the Rhydin star system. A nondescript G-3 class star circled by a large M-class planet, this system has benefited from it’s position near one of the strongest nodes of the universal Nexus. The Rhydin system has become the focal point of both galactic culture and commerce, a crossroads for various peoples and beliefs. The mingling of ideas became so fabled that the system eventually earned the moniker “center of the multiverse.” It is indeed a melting pot, which freely mixes transients from across time, space, and dimensions with the indigenous population. The end result is a hybridization; it’s nearly impossible to isolate which aspects are “native” to Rhydin and which are not.

On the planet’s surface one will find Rhydin Town. There are certainly many settlements spread out across the planet, but none so diverse as this rustic city. Incorporated untold years ago by travelers of the cosmic Nexus, it is the bustling economic center of the land. Over the years, all manner of individuals have relocated to this city and made it their home. The local lore and libraries are full of the stuff of heroes and villains … some legendary, some not.

Rhydin Town is a sprawling mass of cobblestone streets and buildings. While the Red Dragon Inn stands out as the largest and best-known fixture of town, the rest of the structures range from well-manicured manors to dirty rat-infested shanties.

On the outskirts of the city, beyond the shanties and old Quonset-style huts, one may find the Star’s End Spaceport nestled within a coastal valley. Tucked away behind the Dagger Mountains, the Spaceport sits on the coast of Fool’s Luck Bay. The port was first established by the Rhydin oligarchy as the Land’s End Port, a traditional maritime trading outpost. When spacecraft began making their way to the Rhydin system, the port was expanded and retrofitted to accommodate these new vessels. Renovations and further expansion continued for years, keeping pace with the economic growth of the area. Eventually, too, came a change in name; Land’s End became Stars End. Since it’s founding, the port has grown from a rough and tumble backwater outpost to a sophisticated (but perhaps rougher than it was before) community.