What is the Nexus? The universal Nexus is many things to the different people that call Rhydin “home.” On it’s most basic level, the Nexus is a series of worm holes and temporal rifts which undulate throughout the universe. Objects or individuals absorbed into the Nexus are liable to end up anywhere its branches reach … but more often than not they reemerge near points in space that are close to major centers of Nexal activity. The Rhydin system is one such center of activity. On a higher level of thought, the Nexus can be regarded as shaping reality; almost assuming a deified yet non-sentient role. In places near the tendrils of the Nexus, reality is not always what it appears to be … in fact reality can sometimes become a purely subjective concept. The skill to harness such energy is often roundly referred to as “magic.” As one might infer, the Rhydin system is a place rich in this energy.