The Original Post on Dragon’s Mark

The world of RhyDin is a large M-class planet, circling a G-3 class star located near the core of the Known Universe. RhyDin has the good fortune to be the location of a major node of the Nexus, where all planes of time and space converge. This has had a favorable effect on trade and commerce. Beings from all parts of the Galaxy pass through or stop off in RhyDin City.

The Nexus can be considered as a gateway to just about anywhere in Time and Space. Quite a few inhabitants of RhyDin have arrived here unexpectedly. They tell stories of walking into a fog and suddenly stepping out of it in front of the Red Dragon Inn in RhyDin City. One young lady told a tale of falling down a rabbit hole, but her consumption of mushrooms may have had some bearing on her story. A return “home” through the Nexus can be rather risky, unless you know exactly what you’re doing. One must have a clear picture in their mind of exactly where they want to go, or they may wind up landing in some place worse than RhyDin!

The world of RhyDin is circled by two moons. Arabrab, the larger moon, sails serenely around RhyDin in a circular orbit; while the smaller and more distant moon Trebor whizzes along rather rapidly in an elliptical orbit. The moons share RhyDin’s sky with Gateway Station, a large space station in permanent orbit around the world. Traffic between the Star’s End Spaceport and Gateway Station handles the off-world commerce that has grown up around the planet due to its favorable location. The Spaceport is located outside the city, on the edge of Fool’s Luck Bay.

The major continent on the world of RhyDin is also named RhyDin. It is located at temperate latitudes, and the center of both sea and space trade on the world. There are kingdoms, duchies, clans and various small independent bands of people scattered over the land in keeps, castles, fortresses, mansions and mud huts.

The climate is mild most of the year, but does get a bit chilly in the winter. The landscape ranges from thick forests in the central and northern regions, to the desert located in the southern end of the continent. The town of Cadentia once guarded the entrance to the desert. This was the home of the famous Last Chance Saloon… your last chance for a drink before dehydrating in the desert! Unfortunately, Cadentia is now a ghost town, rarely visited by anyone from RhyDin City.