The Original Post on Dragons Mark.

The Red Dragon Inn sits near the heart of the city of RhyDin. Sitting on a stone foundation, the two-story building is one of the larger inns in the area, and easily one of the oldest. Built with solid timber construction, the walls are of daub and wattle with a wooden shake roof. The clay in the soil used in the wall plaster gives the ‘Dragon’ its distinctive reddish hue.

As you approach the Red Dragon Inn, the front of the building has a covered porch that runs the entire face of the building. The solid oak double doors that lead you inside are centered on the wall, with windows flanking to either side. The porch offers a few simple benches for those wishing to enjoy the night air, as well as a swinging one hanging from chains at one end of the porch.

Entering through the front doors, the area around you is a collection of tables and benches and chairs, the placement of which is constantly being moved about to accommodate various groups of patrons. Off the left are a few enclosed booths which can be curtained off to provide a bit of privacy for those important conversations.

About mid-way back on the right is the large stone fireplace, built of stones taken from the rivers edge. The fireplace stretches from floor to ceiling and is surrounded by a stone hearth and several comfortable arm chairs and a couches, providing a perfect place to lounge as you warm up during those cold winter nights.

Just past the hearth is the door that takes you to the back alley, and another that leads to the lower level under the Inn. Another door at the back of the tavern area seems to be tied to the Nexus, and tends to change as different folks walk through it. You never quite know where it will take you. There is a staircase here as well that leads you to the upstairs rooms that are for rent, as well as the balcony that overlooks the entire back of the main room.

Just to the left of the stairs is the hallway that leads you to the privies and the rest of the lower level which is taken up with storage rooms, the laundry area, and other areas the workers of the Red Dragon Inn need access to.

The focal point of the room, however, takes up most of the back wall, to the left hand corner. The bar. The heavy, oaken is beautiful in it’s simplicity. The years of use, and abuse has only added to the charm. With room for a number of stools and places to stand, it is from behind this bar the ‘tenders of the Red Dragon Inn ply their trade. Kegs of ales and mead and casks of wine line the back counters, with shelves of mugs, tankards, goblets and various glassware above them. Under both the front and rear counters are bottles of just about any color, containing drinks of all sorts to suit nearly any taste. Towards the back corner of the bar is where the warmer is, and the Dragon carries a selection of fine teas as well as mulled drinks in the colder months.

Gazing upward, the room is criss-crossed with timbers supported by posts around the room. At the back of the building, these timbers support the upper floors of the Inn, above the main room however, they are open to the vaulted ceiling above, often offering a shadowy haven away from the crowds below.

And while it may seem a charming, and rustic place to quaff an ale or two, the Red Dragon Inn is much more, it is the Center of the Multiverse. All the planes of time and space meet in the Nexus at the Red Dragon Inn. It is only at this spot that a Roman centurion of old Earth can meet and fall in love with a cybernetic girl from Arabrab. It is only here that a cowboy can find himself in league with a paladin. One never knows what will happen at the Red Dragon Inn and only time well spent there will reveal its many secrets and lead you on paths of adventure you never thought possible.