Dragons Mark currently uses Flashchat.  To enter DM’s chat rooms, follow the link at the bottom of the forum’s main page.  (You must be a registered user to gain access!!!)  You will be prompted for a user name and password.  Once you have signed in you will be dropped in to the OOC Lobby.  From here you can navigate which room you wish to join by using the drop-down menu located at the very top of the chat.  Just click and go.

You have a lot of control over your chat experience.  Under the “Options” tab (a button that is located at the top of the chat box where you can enter your text) you can set your theme, control your text and adjust or turn off your sounds.

The MOST Useful User Flashchat Commands: (For the full list, please go to the Flashchat Link above or use /? while in the chat room.)

/? Display a list of currently available IRC commands.
/me Ever wonder how players get actions in the chat room like LdyBelial nods. This is the code to use. Use the /me followed by a space then type in the action.  Anything you put behind the /me will show up as an action from your sn. The /me will be changed to your user name, and the text in <action> will appear as a system message. For example: “/me is thinking” would translate to “LdyBelial is thinking“.
/back 30 Shows the last 30 entries of the room’s chat, including any chat text that was present before arrival to the room. This is an excellent tool to use for taking the temperature of the room.  /back 30 will let you find out what’s going on so there is less need for lurking and more time for play.
/ignore <user> Ignores “user” until /unignore “user” is issued
/unignore <user> Ignored someone but don’t want to anymore?  This is the code to use.  This is only useful if you ignored someone and want to unignore them.
/showignores Shows who you are ignoring, and who is ignoring you.