A nifty cool feature of Dragon’s Mark RDI is the Chat Log Feature.  The site retains up to 14 days, (two weeks) worth of chat logs on their server that we the users can easily download should we want copies of our room play.

Yes, there is a feature in Flashchat that gives us the option to “Save” our chat — but it doesn’t include screen names unfortunately.  Without the sn’s it can make reading through the log somewhat difficult — especially if the room was full during that period.  To make it easier on yourself use the Chat Log feature instead!

How to find it:

The link is in the top drop down menu under Community.  You can refer to the image I’ve provided below:

Rings of Honor (aka RoH) through the Dueling Zone also offers a Chat Log Viewer that works for the RDI rooms as well – I prefer it over the RDI chat log feature as it has many choices on how to show the chat contents.  You can even remove everyone but you and whomever you were talking to as well as pick a format you prefer.

I have been contacted by Kalamere from Rings of Honor, (RoH) and given a nifty thread where we can report any issues, ideas or suggestions we have for the RoH Chat Log Viewer.  So if you’ve got an idea that may help us all out do be kind and let him know!  Thanks Kalamere!

Try them both out and see which one works best for you!


Update:  The RoH Chat Log Viewer has moved, the links in this article have already been updated.  Don’t forget to update your links!  The new URL is: http://duelingzone.org/lurker/ 10/03/14