See the nifty, cool Inventory Icons on Characters’ Profiles and want some of your own?  Check out Dragon’s Mark RhyDin Shops or… Make your own!!!  But all inventory items come with a price!  You have to earn coins to be able to afford them… yes, even the ones you want made for you!

Quick facts about Shops:

Special Text Effects like Glow and Shadow only work in IE Browsers.  We suggest you don’t waste your coins on them.  Other text effects work, but remember!  No refunds!  Make sure you really want that title or color!

Only items purchased from the shops can be sold back to the same shop it was purchased from and then at a discount… that means they will pay you less than you spent to buy it back.  Shop with discretion!

You can purchase a pet too, just remember to feed or water it you have to spend coins!!!  Pets cost in coins and attention.  If you don’t want to be bothered then do not purchase one.

Bought something but it isn’t showing up in your inventory?  Refresh your page.  Still not there?  Delete your cookie, close your browser completely then reopen.  Still not there?  Go to Chats and Forums on DM and make a post explaining it to the administration.


How to Make Your Own Inventory Items:

You need some kind of graphic program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop.  Each and every item, yes even if it is duplicates of one icon, costs 100 silver coins.  So if you want 6 “I love Lucy” pins for example it will cost you 600 silver coins. To pay for your items “donate” the coins to The Red Dragon.  You must be sure to write in the exact name of the items you are “donating” the coins for.  Example: 6 I Love Lucy Pins.

How to Donate Coins:

Go to the Character Profile you wish to donate the coins to.  Make sure you are signed-in under the sn you want to donate from!  If you aren’t signed-in you will not be able to find the “Donate” button!  Scroll down to where the coins are displayed on the profile and underneath you will see [ Donate ].  Click on that and it will let you pick how much you want to give that sn.

Link to Info on DM.

The Basics:

Size: 50 x 50 pixels and 6 kb

File Format: .gif

Want it to blend in with the Profile Background?  Use this color code for the background color: DACDAB

The file name must be the same as the item name. It must be a unique name that contains no underscores and no apostrophes or other characters. You need a brief description of the item.

Example of Correct Image Naming:

File Name: I Love Lucy Pin.gif
Image Name: I Love Lucy Pin

Example of Incorrect Image Naming:

File Name: lucy_pin.gif
Image Name: I Love Lucy Pin


Email file to:

Email Subject Line Must Be: RDI Item Submission

Body of E-mail: (and yes, it must look exactly like it is below… except with your information and not the example info I have supplied…)
Username: (Your username goes here)
Image Name: I Love Lucy Pin.gif
Item Name: I Love Lucy Pin
Description: A round glossy button that reads I Love Lucy.
Quantity: 6


How to “give” stuff to your friends:

Now you have your items and you want to share… here’s how to do it.  It doesn’t matter if you had the item made or bought it from a shop, the way to “give” it to another sn is the same.  Once it is in your inventory, simply go to your character’s profile page.  (Again… you must be signed-in for this to work!)  Scroll down to your Inventory and click on the word.  Yes, the actual word “Inventory“.  This will take you to your character’s personal inventory list.  Now, scroll all the way down to the bottom and you will find two choices: On the far left is the “Give” option, to the far right is the “Trade“.  Giving something away means you give it away.  Trading it means you expect something in return before the other character will receive your bounty.  You can pick or choose the option you feel works best.

Here we are dealing with “Give” only. If you want to “Trade” something please check out the information here.

Click on “Give” and it will take you to a new page.  Here you can put in the sn, (or find it as there is a screen name search tool available).  You must also choose what item out of your inventory you wish to give them.  Hit the “Execute” button.  You will be prompted with a question making sure you want to do this… click “yes” and viola, you’re done!

There are no automated messages sent to the other player.  If they aren’t expecting your “gift” they may not notice or it may take them a long time.  It will list that you gave it to them in their Inventory page, but not on their profile.  So… you may want to drop them a PM to let them know you gave them something!