Feeling lucky? Need a little extra coin and willing to gamble to get it? Try Dragon’s Mark RDI Lottery!

At the top of each and every page on DM’s RDI there is a list of Links that begins with “Search“.  This is not the drop down menu!  This is the static, always present, don’t have to drop anything down menu you see at the top of every page every time you go to the RDI forum.

You have to sign in to use the Lottery Feature!!!  You can’t buy tickets unless you sign in.

One screen name can buy up to 100 lottery tickets each week but keep in mind once you buy those tickets they are NON-REFUNDABLE!  A ticket costs 10 silvers.  Winners are announced around noon on Fridays, their sn will be listed in the last column of the RhyDin Lottery Information table.

Odds on winning are based on how many other sns have opted in on the Lottery that week.

So you’ve won the lottery but your profile doesn’t reflect the coins.  First, clear your browser’s cache.  (Follow the instructions of your preferred browser to accomplish this.)  Then refresh the page.  Still not there?  Go to “Contact Us“, (its in the “More Info” drop down menu, last link in drop downs, you will find “Contact Us” at the bottom of that drop down), and let the Administration know.  They will fix the problem for you.