There are several ways to earn coins on Dragon’s Mark:

Posting will earn you coins!!!

The longer the posts the more coins up to 75 coins per post.  You can make up to five posts a day and earn coins with them for each sn!  (You can make more posts, you just won’t earn any more coins after the initial 5, at least not until tomorrow!)

Get a job!  Heck, get TWO of them!!

Link to Jobs Forum on DM.

On DM we are allowed to get two jobs under each sn.  Your choice of jobs will determine what pay your sn will receive.  Your sn receives payment for their jobs every five days… but that means you have to log-in daily!

How to get your jobs?  First… sign-in under the sn you want to get employed.  At the top of every page on DM’s RDI forum is a list of static links.  Jobs are number three on the second line of those static links.  Click on it.  You will be taken to a page with a list of jobs.  You can pick up to two jobs per sn.

Don’t see a job that suits your sn?  You can ask for it…  Or you can simply buy a title in the effects store… of course, that won’t gain your character any kind of wage but it will look pretty on your profile.  Most just pick stuff they like that will earn them coins as that is really the end goal here: earning coins to spend on nifty cool inventory items.

Not getting paid… ever?  Quit the job and then re-take it.  If the job you quit is no longer on the list, take another but check back often.  The jobs list changes often!