Dragon’s Mark allows us to request our own forum folder. But… there are rules and sometimes… they change without warning!

Please note: Although the staff claims that folder requests are done on a weekly basis, this is misleading.  The staff handles most maintenance and additions about once a month.  Patience is a virtue!

Current Rules as of Oct. 2010:

(The following information is Dragons Mark specific.  We at Evil Plotters Ink lay no claim to this contents. The information below can change at the whim of the Dragons Mark Staff.  We will attempt to keep this area up-to-date, but please check the link we have provided below just to be sure.  Thank you.)

Link to the information on Dragons Mark.

Anyone may request a folder of their own for posting stories related to the Red Dragon Inn and the sub-sections we have set up, however we ask that you review the following BEFORE posting a request.

1) You need to have a minimum total of 20 valid postings (in otherwords, no filler posts just to hit the quota) you can put in your folder request in the new Folder Requests thread.

2) These postings should be started in one of our “Public Use” folders. Currently we have the following folders are available for Public Use;
Dragon’s Tales
Within the Barrier
The Marketplace
Stars End Spaceport

3) Post your request in the folder for the forum section you wish to have your story folder in. Currently you can choose from;
Dreamweaver’s Lair
Mount Yasuo
The Marketplace
Stars End Sector

4) We set up your folder and move your threads from Dragon’s Tales to your folder. Folders are put in to forum sections depending upon available space.

5) You keep on posting under the usual guidelines in your new folder.

6) The screenname used to make the initial request is the ‘owner’ of the folder and is the only one who may request to add/remove other names as moderators. A folder may have up to four total moderators. Moderators should not delete other players postings, instead they should be MOVED to the Moderators Holding Tank using the moderator tools.

7) Folders that are inactive for 60 days or more will be locked and moved to the catacombs. No exceptions. You may always ask for the folder to be moved and unlocked at a later date by posting your request in the Catacombs Requests folder.

Please note, folder requests are processed approximately once a week.