If you read the part about getting your own folder, you already know we have 60 days between activity before losing our folder.  But, yes, there is more to it than that.

(The following information is Dragon’s Mark specific.  We at Evil Plotters Ink lay no claim to this contents. The information below can change at the whim of the Dragon’s Mark Staff.  We will attempt to keep this area up-to-date, but please check the link we have provided below just to be sure.  Thank you.)

Link to the information on Dragon’s Mark.

As of October 2010:

Folders that are inactive for 60 days or more will be locked and moved to the catacombs. No exceptions. You may always ask for the folder to be moved and unlocked at a later date by posting your request in the Catacombs Requests folder.

Catacomb Renewal Rules:  (The Link on Dragon’s Mark)

Please include the folder name, where you would like it to be reinstated to, (RhyDin Town Center, The Fountain, etc), and additional moderators to be added (if any).

Every effort will be made to honor the container request, based on availability.

All requests must come from the original folder owner, however ownership can be “transferred” to another at the time of the request.

Catacomb folder requests are processed approximately once a month

If a folder is reinstated and allowed to go idle a second time the folder owner will need to make a minimum number of 20 new postings in the general story folder sections. The same as if making a new folder request.

If a folder is allowed to go idle a third time it may or may not be reinstated upon the discretion of the administration.


Ok, I know…  The above sounds a bit harsh and may put players off of DM.  But I believe we can safely assume they do want us to use their forum and hence will be less likely to refuse reinstatement than the above seems to imply.  However…  It might be wise not to abuse your folder privileges.  If you have no other option, make an OOC post to keep your folder afloat.  (Mind you, they may change that rule too, but as of this posting its still a viable option.)