Open Storyline on RDI Dragons Mark.

The IC:

The GAC, Government Advisory Board, was formed under FioHelston’s Governorship in May 2011 with the goal to aid the government in bettering Rhy’Din.

List of current GAC Members can be found here!


The OOC:

The GAC is part of the Governor’s Storyline.  This is an open storyline and people can choose to play in the stories offered up or not.  The role of Governor of Rhy’Din has no official power, it is instead a story vehicle.  The GAC is also a vehicle for stories.  The members have no more power or control over Rhy’Din than any other player.  The goals of these storylines are simple:  Communal Interactions.

Why is it here on Evil Plotters Ink?  We support global storylines and to be frank, these are some of the best community-oriented and driven storylines we’ve seen in years.  Kudos to the player of FioHelston!

We want to highlight these SLs and encourage others to participate in them. Because… It really is all about what we build together collectively.  It is the foundation of where the magic all starts!  (And yeah, I am one of the players whose character is involved with the GAC.)

More on the Governor and GAC:

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