The Government of Rhy’Din is still in the hands of an oligarchy.  However a player generated storyline created the position of Governor.  To be clear, the title is honorary and holds no real power.  Players can choose to play in the Governor SL or not, as they wish.

As of this posting, August 12, 2012, the latest Governor, Fionna Helston, has created the GAC, or Goverment Advisory Council.  Again, to be perfectly clear, the GAC members have no more power than any other players do.  Players can opt to play in the GAC sls, or not, as they wish.

The OOC goal behind the creation of the council is to encourage interactivity and communal growth.  The IC behind the council is varied and as individual as the council members themselves.  What would your character’s reasons be?

The GAC has been created to serve the community.  All players are invited to join in and play!