The Law in Rhy’Din hasn’t changed too much.

Snippet taken from Dragon’s Mark:

The RhyDin Town Watch once attempted to maintain order as best they could, but were recently disbanded by the shadowy “rulers” of RhyDin whom no one can claim to have ever seen. The Watch members have taken it on themselves to try and maintain order in the various public buildings around the city.


We at Evil Plotters Ink would like to point out that although technically there is no real law in Rhy’Din, some do play off of a legal system.  Some play as actually Watch Guards and are good at their jobs.  Some still play that the Watch is as it has often been throughout the history of Rhy’Din basically useless.  Some play very similar to what we have in modern day.  There is a Courthouse, there are Judges, and lawyers and all kinds of legal goodness if that’s what one is interested in.

Please keep in mind: RESPECT!  No matter how you decide to play the Law in Rhy’Din — remember the others who may be playing off of it too!  Be kind and considerate to invite open and collaborative interactions with all!  What’s that mean?  Keep in mind that how others view the law may not be the way you do — when writing how awful or incompetent the Watch is — moderate it — state that it is a certain bunch of Watch that may be corrupt.  If you play in the Watch, remember that for a long time it has been seen as useless — be kind in approaching the matter with those that continue to see it that way today.  See it as an IC opportunity to prove that the Watch has some awesomeness these days!  If you play more modern?  Rhy’Din was established as Medieval — some people may not be interested in your storylines.

Always keep in mind:  We have the right to play where we want to, with whom we want, how we want and what we want — but to play interactively and collaboratively together we must be open and considerate of one another.