Dragon’s Mark offers us the opportunity of running IC adverts. (You must be a registered user to access this feature… that means you have to be signed on to your account to access the “My Ads” area under the Community drop-down menu on Dragons Mark.)

Snippet taken from Dragons Mark “My Ads” area:

You may have up to 2 images. The maximum size of any image is 120 by 160 pixels and 6144 kilobytes. The URL can link to any area within the Red Dragon Inn site. No external links are allowed. DM Administration must approve all advertisements (new and modified) before becoming active.


For help or more information please see DM’s FAQ Public Ads Forum Board.

Public advertisements can be used to invite and intrigue other players into joining in on your storylines.  This is an exceptionally awesome tool that helps to promote fun, interaction and a cohesive sense of IC community.  Use this tool to promote your storylines!